Mow mow

Mow, mow, mow the lawn when the weather’s fine
Merrily, merrily mow the lawn….’cos if you don’t it will grow too high!

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This guy looks like he’s having a hard time mowing his long grass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll need a scythe to cut it otherwise! Saturday turned out to be sunny and dry but the wind kept the temperature on the cool side. It was nice to sit outside as long as it was out of the wind but the lawn needed cutting first. It hadn’t been that long since I last mowed it but at this time of year it grows quite quickly. I had gotten up late and had taken my time coming downstairs after taking a shower and getting dressed. I had changed the bedclothes and took the soiled ones down to be washed. I didn’t eat a breakfast as such but had some fruit and a fruit drink. It was after one o’clock before I ate my midday meal of fish and vegetables. E had to go out in the afternoon to drive her mom to see her friend who had been placed in a nursing home, something to do with her having been diagnosed with Cancer. I held the fort at home so to speak and that is why I ended up mowing the lawn. I wanted something to do. I had in tended to finish the plastering I had started the day before having bought the extra plaster I needed but the plaster hadn’t set hard enough. It would get done on Monday instead. I did sit out on the patio for a time but it got too cold once the sun had gotten too low in the sky. Monday was the first of the two Spring days we take as a holiday in May each year, the second is taken at the end of the month. Had I been offered electrical work on Monday I would have done it because I can take a break whenever I wish, one of the advantages in being self-employed. Many people choose not to observe the holidays as special days but they too are usually self-employed. I usually take the opportunity to work at home whenever we have national holidays when I am less likely to be working at my job. I also take the opportunity to mow the lawn whenever it can be done and when the weather allows, as it did on Saturday.

Shirley Anne