Scone for the day

English: Soft fruit and cream teas, Bake Farm ...
Soft fruit and cream teas, Bake Farm After you have picked your soft fruit you can get tea and scones in the garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been enjoying some extra time in bed recently for a change. Usually I am up early each day with work in mind. Old habits die-hard they say and that is so true for me. Having spent years getting up early it is difficult to do otherwise except if I have been working that hard I need the extra sleep. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I wonder why people would choose to waste the day lying in bed. Anyway it was Sunday, a time for leisure and a break from work but I had to do something. It wasn’t that good on Sunday morning as far as the weather was concerned so I remained indoors. I decided I would bake some scones as I hadn’t baked scones for quite some time. I had been baking cakes instead! It doesn’t take long to bake scones, no more than ten to fifteen minutes and even the preparation should take no longer. In all they can be made in about thirty minutes. It was almost noon by the time I had them baked and cooled down enough to bag and store them. I hadn’t had breakfast but only a banana and a fruit drink so I was ready for a meal. Each day I set myself the goal of eating at least eight to ten of the recommended ‘five a day‘ items of fruit and vegetables to maintain good health but I usually eat twice that amount and sometimes more every day. The powers that be now tell us that the five a day recommendation is the minimum we should aim for. I have always eaten plenty of fruit and vegetables throughout my life but I have also eaten lots of foods considered to be non beneficial too! Over recent years I have cut out most of the unhealthy things I once ate. I am not sure where scones fall on the spectrum but I am sure they are quite harmless. Anyway E and I will enjoy eating them, in fact not long after I had made them E had one. She was about to have a snack before taking her mom to see another of her mom’s friends a few miles away and she ate one of them. I wouldn’t eat one until after my lunch.

Shirley Anne