All before ten

Keen to get that repair to the wall and ceiling in one of the top rooms I got on with it early on Monday morning. If my readers will remember I had made a start on it last week and thought I would finish it on Saturday but I had run out of materials on Friday and what I had done still hadn’t dried out completely. That meant I would have to leave it until Monday instead as I take Sunday as a rest day. It would also ensure the plaster was completely dry if I left it the extra day. After breakfast at nine o’clock I went upstairs and had the work finished by ten.Top room repair

For some unknown reason that small section of wall had originally been covered with wood-chip paper. The rest of the room was and still is covered with a plain paper that had been painted some years ago. You can just about see the pale green colour on the left of the picture and a small section on the right. The ceiling had been covered and still is covered with a rough textured ‘Artex’, which is very tough and resilient. The only way to deal with that surface if a smooth effect is wanted would be to skim the entire ceiling with plaster as it is difficult to remove. The room is only being used as an office/workshop/storage area as we don’t need it as a bedroom. There are two other rooms at the top of the house which can be used as bedrooms if needed, in fact one has a bed in it already! At the moment the room is full of cardboard boxes filled with things all belonging to E. Apart from pottering about in the greenhouse I did little else on Monday. I had been watching the World Championship Snooker Tournament on Sunday and the final frames of the match on Monday afternoon and evening so I didn’t really want to be doing anything else. You either like Snooker or you hate it. I watch the game infrequently but I do enjoy watching the semi-finals and final matches.

Shirley Anne