Nothing doing

Well I had yet another day at home on Thursday but having arisen before six o’clock and ready for action there was nothing to do. I call it enforced rest and I probably need it now and then. I was half expecting the guy to call regarding the artificial turf to let me know if and when he could do it when at noon he arrived at the door. He had been getting information about the adhesive he would need. It is made in Germany by a specialist company and he discovered it could be supplied locally. However he had to inform me that it’s cost might be prohibitive and told me it would cost £200 which represents 40% of what the turf cost, almost £500. I assured him that I was happy to continue regardless of the cost otherwise what would be the point in not doing it? I have to admit I thought £200 was a lot to pay for an adhesive but it has to be the right one. When I purchased the turf I was told that silicon rubber would do the job but I know it wouldn’t be suitable in the long-term, besides which it could only be used to stick down the edges. The whole surface needs to be stuck down if it is to be done properly. I would still have to pay the guy laying it too! I don’t expect much change out of £800 at the end of the project but I do expect it to last for the twenty years it is suggested it will last for the amount of traffic it will have. It will therefore probably outlast me! Well did I pay £200 for the adhesive? I’ll tell you in the next post. Just think, the patio started off like this about five years ago………12

I will post another picture later when the turf has been laid.

There was nothing much doing for the rest of the day but I did get some time to myself out on the patio for a couple of hours before it went a little chilly.

Shirley Anne