Stuck inside

Although it was nice having warm and sunny weather it was refreshing when the temperatures returned to normal for the time of year on Tuesday. I don’t like it too hot and felt uncomfortable in the 24 C heat on Sunday and Monday when I had some electrical work to do in the morning. Thankfully the work wasn’t strenuous but it still took me four hours to complete. E and I dined out mid-afternoon and spent an hour or two out on the patio when we returned home. We had set our hearts on buying new furniture for the patio and had seen what we wanted in the ‘Homebase’ store so on Tuesday morning we drove to the store ordered and paid for it and now wait for its delivery as I write this on Tuesday afternoon. We could have bought it over the Internet but for something so large I would rather see it first. This is a drawback with using the Internet because you can never tell what things look and feel like close-up. Eventually we drove back home after making a detour and had our lunch. By now it was raining and we were more or less confined indoors so I suggested we use the time to carry on with the repairs to the ceiling and wall in one of the top rooms of the house. In earlier posts I talked about the damage that had resulted up there because of the leaking roof which was repaired a few weeks ago. The wall needed papering over and the ceiling needed a coat of textured paint……Top room damage


Top room repair


Top room repair 2

More textured paint will have to be purchased as there was only just enough to cover the patch on the ceiling. We papered the wall with some embossed paper we had stored in the cellar. It will be painted over later. The main problem with this room is that it is filled with cardboard boxes which will have to be sorted if we are to redecorate the room. It needs redecorating and a new carpet laid once the work is done.

Shirley Anne