Brexit or stay?

First published on May 14….For my UK readers…You think you know what it means to stay in Europe? It is nothing to do with being able to survive as a nation outside of Europe, the fear of losing work, financial losses et al. There is more afoot, much more you need to know. Remember we as a nation survived very well thank you BEFORE we decided to dip our toes into European waters and there is no reason we couldn’t continue to do so. For those who were born after we joined they have no idea what it was like beforehand. Many want us to stay for personal selfish reasons and silly things like cheaper European holiday prospects but are missing the bigger picture. Click on the link in the picture below and turn to pages six and seven entitled Iron does not mix with clay……..It may open your eyes! (To magnify the image in the link move the slider at the left at the bottom of the page)



The prophecies in The Bible are for times such as these

Shirley Anne