Only a hole in the ceiling!

The room at the top of our house is actually two rooms with another at a slightly lower level. The one at the lower level is basically inaccessible at the moment as it is filled with my son’s furniture. Of the other two rooms one has a bed in it and is also filled with boxes and bags belonging to both of my sons but it does now have some free space. E and I dismantled the bed and stored it against a wall whilst re-arranging what was stored in there. The third room was the one with the hole in the ceiling and the damaged wall that have now both been repaired. However, the room needs redecorating but it also is filled with many boxes. E and I are going to empty the room and may have already done so by the time you read this so that we can lift the old carpet and set about painting the walls and the worktop surfaces. Years ago I used the room as an office/study and at that time I built a framework little by little on top of which I fitted a worktop around three of the walls. I had computers, printers, scanners and all the paraphernalia that comes with an office, ring binders, filing boxes and paper. I kept all my business records up there too. The room hasn’t been used for quite a number of years now and that is why it has become filled with boxes. E wants to use the space for her crafting hobby and other things and is ideal for that. The shelving and work surfaces can therefore remain as they will be used. On Wednesday afternoon E and I went shopping for emulsion paint again and for the small tin of textured paint we needed for the ceiling because we had used up all that we had. The work in the room will mostly be done with a paint brush but I may have to move one or two power points though there are plenty of them beneath the worktop. Earlier on Wednesday I cut and fitted some lengths of 150mm high board to fit on top of two of the worktops against the wall where they had none. The small project won’t take us long as we are not going to make the room anything else but functional and it all started with a hole in the ceiling! Perhaps I will get the opportunity to change all the radiator valves another day! Plenty of time for that though. Whilst we were out we bought a couple of tomato plants and two plants for the gardens front and back. Here are the two plants…Bottle brush plant


Dwarf fan palm The top one, a ‘Bottle brush’ plant, had yet to be put into the front garden. The bottom one, a ‘Dwarf fan palm’, I planted next to the ‘Yucca’ I had planted a day or two before. The Yucca can grow more than three metres and should always be taller than the fan palm which is supposed to grow to a metre and a half.

Shirley Anne