Top room

In yesterdays’ post I wrote about the top room and the work we have begun in refurbishing it. So far I have only posted pictures of the ceiling and wall repair but our intentions were always to redecorate the whole room. The main problem we faced before work could start was the amount of stuff stored in there.Top room boxes 1


Top room boxes 2

Top room boxes 3 The first picture shows some of the stuff that was still in the room and the other two show what had been removed later. The second picture shows the adjacent top room which is filled with furniture and boxes too, some of which came out of the room I am writing about. In the third picture and to the right you can see the door leading into the third room up at the top of the house. It is jam-packed with furniture too but all belonging to my eldest son and his wife. On Friday morning we removed what had been left in the room. I began to work on alterations to the worktop structure in order to rationalise it and tidy it up and E began to fill in gaps and screw holes with wood filler. Later we removed the old carpet and this is what was left on the floor…Top room mess

Top room mess 2

The white unit standing in front of the curtain is a free-standing chest of  6 drawers which E plans to paint and use so it will remain in there whilst that is done. The carpet had been laid by the previous owner in June 1983. How did we know that? They had placed used newspaper beneath the carpet dated Friday 10 June 1983. We moved into the house in the summer of 1988. The carpet itself was of the type that had its own underlay in its construction. The underlay backing was always prone to deterioration and would crumble to dust if lifted years later. It took us some time to clean up the mess later in the day but first we ate lunch then I had to mow the lawn and do some cleaning up in the garden whilst E got on with some weeding. Saturday would find us again working in the top room.

Shirley Anne