Down and up…….

….and up and down. Nothing doing on the electrical front on Tuesday saw me working again at home on our latest little project at the top of the house. I had decided to begin painting the walls with the emulsion paint. E had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery late morning so she didn’t bother to do any work before then. I began by painting over the patch we had mended on the ceiling that had required more work doing on it before the top coat of paint could be applied. Leaving that to dry I started work on painting the lower parts of the walls beneath the worktops before I got a call from a guy asking me to change a light fitting in his house some fifteen miles away. Down with the paint brush, off with the overalls and off to the job. E had just left the house and it was eleven o’clock. I was back home twenty minutes after twelve with extra cash in my purse. It was too near lunch time to resume painting so I ate lunch. Whilst I was preparing it E arrived back home but she wasn’t alone, her mom was with her. She had invited her to see the work we had done in the two bedrooms (not the room we are currently redecorating). I was taken by surprise for it has been almost fourteen years since I last saw her. Since my transition I have not been invited to any family gatherings at her house or anywhere else for that matter. I do not know who is responsible for that but I don’t blame anyone. We said little to each other but she seemed quite amiable and I was as polite as ever. She didn’t stay long and E took her home. Her mom is in poor health and she has aged a lot since we last met. She is 88 years of age after all. E didn’t return home until long after I had eaten and had returned upstairs to continue with the painting. Top room 5


Top room 6After she had eaten she joined me. She began applying an undercoat of paint to the worktop surfaces.Top room 4 I managed to do almost all of the walls before emptying the paint pot. It was by now after five o’clock and it wasn’t worth opening another. I didn’t think I would like the colour lilac but it does make the room look brighter and fresher.

Shirley Anne