End in sight?

The top room project was always going to be quicker to accomplish as for one the room is relatively small compared to the other rooms we have refurbished. Even so it measures 5 by 3.5 metres at floor level and although the ceiling slopes it is high. At its lowest point where it meets the wall it is still more than 2 metres from the floor and even if the fitted furniture (worktops) were not there it would be difficult to hit it with your head. As small rooms go therefore it is quite large. Its twin room backs onto it (to the right in the first picture). Apart from removing the shelving that was beneath the worktop most of the work would simply be decorating. The door and a small part of the frame require minor repairs and the door lock requires attention, either servicing it or replacing it depending on what I find when I remove it. It is a little stiff to operate at the moment. The door handles need replacing and the curtain pole re-fixing too. I may replace the existing fluorescent light with an LED version later. We are undecided yet as to what colour carpet to lay and this time we will need to purchase carpet underlay too. The other rooms had good quality and undamaged underlay so we only had to replace the carpets but this room had been fitted (by the previous owner of the house) with a cheap carpet/underlay combination which perished. Well it had been on the floor for at least thirty years. Plenty of time to buy a new carpet yet. I worked in the room alone on Thursday as E hadn’t felt up to it but I only spent three hours in there. Top room 8

Top room 7

I applied a top coat of gloss paint to all the wood surfaces apart from the door and left it to dry. That would take 24 hours. However, gloss paint takes a few days to dry to a hard finish depending on the conditions. It would probably be Saturday before you would find me working in the room again as I had electrical work to do on Friday.

Shirley Anne