They come in threes?

Not for Threes
Not for Threes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Misfortunes never come singly as the proverb tell us. Another would say that they come in threes. I am inclined to believe that somehow. Over the last few days I have been suffering with muscular abdominal pain. On Sunday, after a couple of days, the pain subsided. In the morning E began to pull out bluebell stalks in the garden so that their seed pods would not fall to the ground and germinate next year and because there were so many of them I lended a hand. Soon afterward the pain returned and stayed with me for the remainder of the day. During the day I began to feel the need to visit the toilet more frequently until it was every ten minutes! Obviously I had a urinary infection.

Bacteriuria and pyuria demonstrated at urinary...
Bacteriuria and pyuria demonstrated at urinary microscopy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had this complaint about four times in my adult life and it isn’t nice. Strange at it may seem I usually get the symptoms over the weekend when the surgery is closed! I resigned myself to suffering until the morning when I could see the doctor and get some antibiotics but E remembered she had a day’s supply of an antibiotic for this specific type of infection. She hadn’t taken the full course when she had the same problem a couple of years ago. Hopefully they would still be usable so I took one. My symptoms started to subside. Now I know we should not take medications prescribed for others but I had checked out the description of the drug and its uses on the Internet beforehand. Well I suppose you are wondering what the third misfortune was. Fortunately that one passed me by but I am on the alert just in case. E and I were expecting the delivery of our new garden furniture in Monday morning. We had waited almost two weeks since we purchased it. Now the weather is improving we might get the chance to use it.

Shirley Anne