Lazy Monday

It’s not like me to avoid work but I have been so tired lately and at the time of writing this on Monday late afternoon I haven’t done any further work in the top room since Thursday. I had expected to do more on Monday but when Monday came I found I couldn’t. I’d been suffering with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection or Cystitis) since late on Saturday and had to pay a visit to the doctor on Monday morning and I had strained the muscles in my abdomen too. We had been expecting the delivery of our new garden furniture on Monday morning and it arrived whilst I was out. I didn’t return home until 9.30 and then E and I set about unpacking and assembling it. It took us two hours, almost until lunchtime. In these two pictures the parasol is not shown though if you look under the glass top of the table you might be able to see it stored away there. The set includes six reclining chairs, two footstools, a small table (in the lower picture) and of course the table and parasol.

Patio furniture 1

Patio furniture 2

I suggested we dine out for a change so that’s what we did. We drove to one of our preferred dining places some fifteen miles away arriving there at 2 o’clock so it was late in the afternoon by the time we got back home. E had beef steak, I chose sea bass. I should have chosen the beef for a change. The fish was as nice as ever but I didn’t like the risotto it was laid upon so much though I ate it anyway. I usually choose a fish dish these days and choose meat very infrequently. We each decided we would eat a dessert and we each selected a ‘Eton Mess’ but with different flavourings. It makes a change being waited upon and not having to wash the dishes afterward. Just as we neared the end of our meal a group of elderly people were leaving the restaurant and one of them came over to our table having thought to herself ‘I know that lady’. As she approached she asked if I remembered her. I told her that I remembered her face but couldn’t place where we had met. It turned out that I had done an electrical job in her house on exactly the same day last year (23 May 15). Now that was an amazing coincidence I thought.
E hasn’t been feeling too well either these past few days so she didn’t want to do any work at home. To be honest most of what needs to be done is all painting and it can be done in a few hours. We are not in too much of a hurry to finish the room but we won’t leave it long before we get stuck in again. By the time you are reading this we might already be working again. Sometimes you just have to stop for a while but I can’t stay lazy too long, it just isn’t me.

Shirley Anne