Feeling better

I didn’t have to do any work in the top room and as the weather was so warm and sunny on Tuesday I didn’t. Well that was until three o’clock. I was feeling much better on the day, my aches and pains in my back had gone and the urinary infection was well under control. The sun shone almost all day long and both E and myself spent most of the day in the garden especially relaxing on the patio on the new furniture. We ate indoors however and returned outside afterward. E wanted to do some weeding out in the flowerbeds and she started doing that after lunch when for an hour or so the sky went dark as the clouds drifted by. I went indoors for something and the urge to go upstairs and do a little work got the better of me and I set about doing some minor repairs to the door frame (casing) and on the door itself. I began removing the lock because it wasn’t operating properly but it took me over half an hour to get it out of the door.  Door lock partsThe first problem was to remove the strike plate. On modern locks this is usually not very thick but this lock was an old one and the plate was about 4mm thick. Over the years the fixing screws had been filled-in and painted over and were difficult to locate. After I had removed the door knobs (they were actually knobs and not handles as shown in the diagram) I was able to remove the spindle allowing the lock to slide out of the door. It was so tight it wouldn’t budge but it wasn’t simply stuck with age, it had been filled-in with some wood filler. The lock was similar to the one shown but longer, that is it went deeper into the door. It had both the latch bolt and dead bolt fitted and the dead bolt had originally been operated with a key. The dead lock hadn’t been used for years, long before we moved in, and the keyholes had been filled with wood filler which had found its way into the lock itself through the keyholes. It effectively prevented the lock’s easy removal. I eventually dug out the filler and slowly withdrew the lock. I will be fitting a new one that is only fitted with a latch bolt as a dead bolt isn’t required. After I had done that work I carried out the repair to the casing by inserting a block of wood where the fitting of an old Yale lock above the other door lock had left a gap in the frame when I removed it months ago. Again, I had to fill-in the gaps with wood filler ready for sanding down and painting later. That all took an hour and a half and my need to do something in the room no matter how small had been satisfied. Sometimes these little tasks can hold the other work back. Now we can carry on with the decorating when the urge presents itself! Both E and I are reluctant to work indoors whilst the sun is shining. E had stayed outside removing weeds and had done quite a lot while I had been inside.

Shirley Anne