Out for a stick

It wasn’t a warm day on Wednesday, cloudy throughout though remaining dry through the daylight hours. It was a day for staying indoors and getting some work done on our mini-project, redecorating the top room. However, that did not happen because I wanted to go shopping for a ‘stick’. A stick? A USB flash drive which many will know as a memory stick perhaps.

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USB flash drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed to back up the data on my computers and until recently my old 4GB stick held enough storage space to accommodate a back-up but only on my Windows 7 machine. It wouldn’t have enough free space to back-up my Windows 10 machine or even enough space if it was empty. I had attempted to back-up the Windows 7 machine but it failed through a lack of space. So I decided to go and purchase a larger capacity stick. I had kept promising myself I would get a stick with a higher capacity for over two years but never seemed to get around to doing it! Some weeks ago I had mentioned to E that I intended to purchase a replacement garden clock. The old one had ceased to work earlier in the year. Having a clock out in the garden is very handy when out there for any length of time perhaps doing some garden maintenance. We chose to position the old one on the back wall of the patio where it could be seen from almost anywhere in the garden. The new one would go in the same position. E was going to tag along of course but didn’t get dressed until very late in the morning. We finally left the house around 11.45 . First stopping to post her mail then we drove out-of-town to a garden centre about five miles north. A clock could be purchased there. Although there is a garden centre nearer to home E wanted to go to this one to take advantage of a free coffee and a discount on goods purchased. I just went with the flow. Soon we were driving back toward town and to the store where I could purchase a memory stick. I bought one with 128GB memory, more than enough for backing up both computers. Off we went again but into the town centre. E wanted to pay off her store credit card balance and I decided to purchase a couple of black knee-length skirts whilst in the store. By now it was approaching three o’clock and we went home for a late lunch.

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