All against us

Medical X-rays
Medical X-rays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I feel like doing some work I find a reluctance to do so. The warm weather and various appointments haven’t helped either. So once again the small project gets shelved. Early on Friday morning E and I took a member of the family the twenty miles to the next town so he could conduct some business. He was incapacitated and was unable to drive himself. It was almost 1.45 by the time we returned home for lunch. At 3.45 E had an appointment at the hospital to have an X-ray picture taken of her knees on the advice of her doctor. Her left knee had been causing her problems for quite some time and it was painful for her whenever she knelt down. Her right knee had banged against a stair rail a few days ago when she tripped whilst climbing the last couple of steps leading to the top room we are redecorating, that is when we get around to it again! The fall was her own fault and not switching on the lights didn’t help. She asked if I could drive her to the hospital though she was able to do so herself. She did say that her back was aching and she needed to relax. That problem was probably caused by her bending down on her knees and digging out the weeds in the flowerbed. She uses a proper kneeling stool but I don’t think she realises that kneeling down and stretching to dig out weeds isn’t doing her back or indeed her knees any favours. She ought to use a hoe instead but she insists on doing it her way. So what with her aches, pains and injuries and the problems I have had this past week is it any wonder the redecorating has slowed down to a crawl? Now that the weather is turning warmer and sunnier it is going to be difficult to discipline ourselves and get the room finished. I still have to find the time to do other necessary jobs at home too.  Did I say we are looking forward to some rainy days?

Shirley Anne