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What a lovely warm and sunny day we had on Sunday. I had arisen early and after an early breakfast I was thinking about going for a walk or even a bike ride once I had the washing done. It was ‘clean sheet day’, a day to change the bed linen and I had placed the soiled sheets in the machine soon before E came downstairs for her breakfast. I hung the washing on the line and put the second wash into the machine. By the time I had done that it was getting a little too warm for my liking to go walking. I much prefer to do my walking or cycling whilst it is still cool. That being the case I chose to sit out on the patio under the canopy to read my book. Eventually E joined me and we relaxed in the warmth for a while. Soon E got restless and decided to do some weeding out in one of the flowerbeds. I returned indoors and prepared our lunches. I say lunches because we don’t often eat the same dishes. She came indoors and we ate. A few days earlier I had mentioned that I wanted to purchase more plants to populate both front and rear gardens and E reminded me. So off we went to the local garden centre and we bought four Dahlias, one Princess Lily Alstro, one Magnolia Susan and one Magnolia Stellata. On our return home we first planted the two Magnolia shrubs in the front garden. They are the two plants behind the flowering Rhododendrons in front of the flag pole.Magnolias

E planted the four Dahlias and the single Princess Lily in front of the large greenhouse. The Princess Lily is the middle plant in this picture showing its red flowers.Dahlias & Princess Lily Alstro

There used to be gooseberry bushes where we have now placed these new plants in front of the greenhouse but I dug them out at the beginning of the year and gave them to members of the family who wanted them. Meanwhile those gooseberry bushes in the vegetable plot have been doing very well and already they are covered with gooseberries.Gooseberry

And the Rhubarb is thriving too as I have resisted the temptation to pluck a couple of stalks but I will be doing so soon!Rhubarb

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