Snap decision

In yesterday’s post I wrote about buying and planting two new shrubs for the front garden in the mound surrounding the flag pole and some Dahlias and another plant for the rear garden. Whist we were planting them E mentioned that one of the large shrubs in one of the flowerbeds at the front of the house was in need of pruning as many of its leaves had died. I didn’t have a close-up shot of this flower bed until Monday but the shrub in question is the one shown in this old picture that is partly hidden behind the left gate post and behind the front of the car near to the 1104

On Monday after breakfast I sat out on the patio for a short time and did some reading. E came out ready for work. She wanted to continue doing a little more weeding out in the flowerbed in front of the greenhouse. I took the hose into the front garden in order to water those two new shrubs in the mound but when there I decided on the spur of the moment to begin pruning back the shrub shown in the picture above. As I cut more and more branches I saw how much the plant had spread itself through the bed and made the decision to dig it out altogether. What a job! It was almost as difficult to remove as were the two very stubborn plants we had to remove when we dug out the mound in the rear garden a couple of years ago. (See posts in May 2014 or search ‘mound’). E came into the front garden and together we finally had it removed. We were exhausted but we had to chop it all up so that we could put it in the waste bin. Then we had to filter the soil which was full of weeds, bluebell bulbs, grass, roots and leaves. We even found mortar and some building waste! It was time for lunch and we needed the break. After lunch we went again to the garden centre to purchase new plants to fill the empty space. On our return we prepared the flowerbed and planted them.Front flowerbed 1

Front flowerbed 2

As you can see in the lower picture there are two large plants to their left the nearest one being a beautiful rose plant with deep red heavily scented flowers that has grown tall trying to get above the shrub we had just removed. Both the rose and the shrub to its left will be pruned back at the end of the growing season whilst the new plants will grow taller and fill out by next year. Those we planted are Bottle Brush, Osteospernum, Scented Lily, Pieris Japanese ‘Katsura’ and Pennisetum. It would be around 6.30 before we were eventually able to finish and return indoors and I would be glad for the rest doing some electrical work the following day!

Shirley Anne