Easier? With porridge yes!

Porridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having worked so hard at home doing gardening over the previous few days I was looking forward to an easier time doing an electrical job on Wednesday. Strange as it may seem though my tiredness didn’t ensure a good night’s sleep for I had a very restless night on Tuesday. I thought I would be too tired for work but soon I perked up and was on my way after eating my bowl of porrdge (and fruit). I had worked in this house some seven or eight years ago when at that time I installed a dedicated supply to a garage being used as a workshop/garden shed and installed the internal wiring at the same time. The house is in a small village about fifteen miles from my home town. This visit was to replace three ceiling lights with chandeliers, five matching wall lights and three wall switches. Pretty straightforward stuff but as usual nothing is ever that straightforward as I found out. All but one of the replacements presented me with a problem of one sort or another, missing earth conductors, insufficient length of cables to name just two. Whoever had installed the original equipment certainly didn’t know what they were doing it appeared. So the work took a little longer than I had anticipated but the couple living there were such good company it made it all worthwhile. The coffee kept coming and I was paid well for my services. I had received a call earlier from an old lady living in my home town who had a couple of small lighting problems which I soon had sorted when I arrived there late in the afternoon. Again I was paid well and I was able to return home but by now it was after four o’clock, too late for lunch and too early for an evening meal. I find I often miss lunch and therefore I always eat a hearty breakfast, usually porridge if I think I will be away from home so long. I find that porridge really does sustain me for hours on end without my feeling hungry.

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