It all started with a spider

I didn’t eat my usual type of breakfast on Saturday. E had ‘burnt’ some toast the day before, though it wasn’t really burnt but simply too dark for her taste and I decided to eat it for breakfast and have a little canned fruit too to mix with the fresh fruit I was going to have also. That meant a trip into the room in the cellar where we keep canned foodstuff. She happened to be down there and asked me to turn around from the store cupboard to look at something. The centre of the room is filled with all kinds of things, mostly belonging to my eldest son but there was a small child’s rocking chair there on which sat an enormous spider. He wasn’t the only one either, there are many spiders in the cellar rooms and some were on the same chair. As I attempted to get rid of them some fell into a box beneath the chair so we dragged the box outside and emptied its contents. It held several cartons of canned cat food and other foodstuff which had to be binned. We threw away what we couldn’t keep which meant we kept the canned food as my youngest son has a cat and might want to take it home. There is nothing wrong with it. I decided to mow the lawn at that point but had to open the garage doors to access the green waste bin. The lawn only took a few minutes to mow so I suggested to E that we might as well cut down and dig out the Hydrangea shrub in the front flowerbed rather than just cut it back at the end of the season as I had suggested in a recent post about the front flowerbed. It is shown in this picture….Front flowerbed 2

It took us some time to cut it down and especially dig it out but the real work came after when we had to filter the soil which was full of roots and hundreds of bluebell bulbs. It is almost impossible to filter out all of the bulbs but at least any that now grow will be easier to remove. We were very tired and retired indoors for a late lunch. After lunch I suggested we go to the garden centre and purchase more plants with which to fill the now empty half of the flowerbed. On our return we finished filtering the soil and then we planted the new plants and filled spaces with some of the many rocks we have stored in the rear garden, those we had found amongst the many we dug out of the mound in June and July 2014 (search ‘mound’). Now the bed look like this…..Front flowerbed redesign 1

There only remains for the rose-bush to be pruned down a little at the end of the year. That is one plant we have every intention of leaving where it is. Those flowers are so heavily scented and fill the garden with their aroma. Some of the new plants surrounding it are also heavily scented when they are in bloom. To think it all started with a spider. We didn’t get back indoors until after seven o’clock for a well-earned rest.

Shirley Anne


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