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English: Bidden ash This pool has been dry for...
Bidden ash This pool has been dry for at least a couple of years, but the heavy rain of November and December raised the water table, so flooding the pasture. The roots of an ash tree help drain the water; the rest forms the River Whitewater. The same pool can be seen here: and (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’d had many days of warm, even hot sunny days but by Sunday evening we were feeling a little tired by it all. I mentioned to E that I couldn’t remember the last time we’d had rain and it didn’t look as though we would get some anytime soon. The heat drains the energy out of me and as I had been very busy doing electrical work and the work in the gardens too I was hoping for it to cool down a little. My friend, who lives in New York, had been trying to contact me but as the weather was so fine I had been spending most of the time outdoors. She had left me a message on the phone which I responded to via an email. In the mail I mentioned we had been having good weather and that I couldn’t remember when it rained last. About an hour later just after E and I had eaten our evening meal it began to rain! Then it got heavier and then it got heavier still. There must have been a week’s supply of it in the space of a half-hour! So much rain at once put pressure on the gutters and drains to cope with it. I had to go outside to clear away some debris that was preventing the water from getting down one of the grids at the rear of the house. Even under an umbrella I still got a little wet. Soon though it eased off and it was dry again. Due to the lack of rain I had been using a hose every day in order to water the garden plants and in fact it was only an hour earlier I had done that and then the heavenly downpour came. Although I can water the surface plants and shrubs it takes an awful lot of water to satisfy the trees, something I couldn’t do with a hose pipe. Tree roots generally reach down to the water table anyway if the trees are big enough. That water table certainly got topped up on Sunday evening. On the plus side I wouldn’t need to water the garden for a day or two. On the other hand the grass will now start growing faster and I’ve only just mowed it!

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