And then….

French-Cafe-Patio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….and then it went hot again, not that it cooled down much but after yesterday’s brief heavy downpour it was again hot and humid on Monday. I was up and about around six o’clock and had eaten breakfast soon after seven. I sat out on the patio for a while before the sun began to shine on the patio itself and the temperature even then was seventeen degrees (Celsius of course). The sky was free of clouds and although the sun was fairly high at that time the large trees to the north and north-east ensured the patio remained in a dappled shade. About an hour later it would be in full sunshine. It stays that way at this time of year from then on for many hours save for a brief spell around noon when the shadow of the house puts the patio in the shade for an hour. Around five to six in the evening the patio is again back in the shade. It all means that we get plenty of sunshine on the patio. I returned indoors for a time and only returned outside when E had finished her breakfast. We then went into the garage and cut the old carpet stored there into smaller pieces so we could put them in into the non-recyclable waste bin. It was beginning to get too warm for any strenuous exercise and we decided to just sit on the patio until lunch time. I stayed under the canopy as I hadn’t sufficient sun blocking cream to protect me. I don’t usually do the sunbathing thing anyway but I also don’t wish to be pinned to one spot trying to avoid the sun. After lunch I applied what little sun cream I had and walked into the village to purchase more. It was around two-thirty and I didn’t want to return directly home. E would be out with her mom so I would be returning to an empty house. Although I had applied more cream to my arms and chest where I normally burn easily, I kept in the shade as much as was possible even so. My intention was to pay a visit to the pub on my way back home which meant a long detour so that the pub was indeed on my way home. The last time I went in there was 6th December last year! To think I used to be in there five or six times per week! Now that I don’t drink alcohol and haven’t done so for a few years there seems little point in going there except to meet people. Occasionally E and I will eat there but we haven’t done that for a while either, that is at this pub anyway. We will have to correct that soon but we have been so busy working at home the days dining out have been few. I met up with two people I know and met another for the first time. I stayed an hour or so and then went home. E hadn’t returned home yet so I went out on the patio with my guitar for a while. It was six-thirty before she returned and we could have our evening meal. The highest temperature we recorded on the patio out of direct sunshine was 27 degrees. Nice if you like it that hot. I prefer something like 18-20 perhaps and cooler if I am working.

Shirley Anne