Boredom is beginning to set in for me. The recent hot weather had put paid to any ideas of working indoors at home and because it is still that way as I write this on Tuesday it remains so for the time being. Don’t misunderstand me, I do like to take a break from work just as others do but eventually I get bored and am on pins looking for something to do. Having no electrical work for a few days doesn’t help either. There are plenty of jobs I could be doing outside the house of course as I have plans to replant the other flowerbed which needs doing in the front garden. No 2 Flowerbed 2To do that however I need E’s committment too. She is sometimes reluctant to make the effort especially if I am suggesting the removal of plants and replacing them with another variety. For years she has resisted digging out this particular flowerbed properly and has wasted (in my opinion) her time by simply weeding it out when all that happens is that the weeds return soon after. I should take the bull by the horns so to speak and start the work by myself as I did with the other flowerbed recently. She soon changed her mind once the work got started. It will put another hole in my purse of course for cultivated plants don’t come cheap. I must easily have spent around £200 on plants for the other flowerbed but populating this bed shouldn’t cost as much I am thinking for some of the existing plants will remain. We could make the two beds identical but that would mean removing all existing plants and for no reason. I am sure we can come up with a way to incorporate them in any new plans. One thing I would prefer is to populate the bed with evergreen plants as we did with the other bed but one plant which is not evergreen I will keep and that is a Fuchsia because we both like Fuchsias. At the moment it occupies the space immediately next to the stone steps (see below) and it can stay there because the rest of the flowerbed can be filled with evergreen plants. In fact there are three there already. One is an Azalea standing next to the Hydrangea on the far left. There is a variegated plant of a variety I cannot name standing next to the Fuchsia and to the left of that is a strange-looking evergreen shrub that needs pruning into shape. I have no idea what its name is either. E got if from somewhere a few years ago. Other greenery in the picture includes two very tall Iris’s and the rest are weeds! It certainly needs attention.No 2 Flowerbed 1 It will be difficult to decide how to plan out the bed to effectively incorporate the existing plants and it is slightly larger than the other bed too. The starting point will be to remove the Hydrangea as we did in the first bed a few days ago. During the winter months the Hydrangea plants look terribly bare and unsightly as they lose all their foliage. I will plant evergreens because they keep any flowerbeds looking alive during the colder months and they are more pleasant to look at when everywhere is drab under the weather. If I don’t make a start on the work it won’t get done at all but there are other jobs which need doing inside the house too. They can wait whilst the weather is fine. If the weather turns a little cooler than of late, and the forecast is that it might, you’ll probably find me taking the plunge and getting down to it…………..unless some electrical work gets in the way! Apart from the ‘mound’ on which the flag pole stands, which has recently received four new shrubs in the open area, there are two other flowerbeds, this small one by the gateLittle flowerbed

And this one approaching the other gate….No 3 Flowerbed 2

Neither of which need any major changes until they become overgrown of course!

Shirley Anne