Boredom banished

I got up very early on Wednesday morning and soon after breakfast I went out into the front garden to do some work. It was 7.45 and I began by cutting down the Hydrangea and chopping all the branches, placing them in one of the extra-large building bags we have. The bag was already holding the remains of the other Hydrangea we had removed from the first flowerbed a few days previously. The two green waste wheelie bins were already full and wouldn’t be emptied until Monday. We would have to transfer the Hydrangea cuttings to them, or one of them to be collected at a later date. Our wonderful council will not take waste unless it is in the supplied wheelie bins. Soon I had finished chopping up the branches and I went indoors. E came downstairs soon afterward for her breakfast not knowing I had been working outside. Once she had eaten she returned upstairs to dress and then joined with me to start work in the flowerbed. It was a surprise therefore when she saw the Hydrangea chopped down. We set about digging out the roots expecting the task to be difficult after our experiences in the other flowerbed but we managed to get it out fairly quickly. Then the hard work started. We began filtering out the weeds, bluebell bulbs, stones and other debris until we’d had enough….No 2 Flowerbed 3Compare with this picture taken the day beforeNo 2 Flowerbed 1

Still a way to go yet but I think the right hand side of the bed might be easier. We’ll see. E wanted to continue working but I suggested we stop and go out for a meal. It was now 12.15 so we packed everything away and went indoors to get changed. When we dine out we don’t usually go out before 1.30 and it is therefore usually well after 2.00 before we reach our venue. Now that the flowerbed work has begun we will concentrate on getting it finished, as long as it doesn’t rain. According to the forecast rain is likely over the next few days.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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