Thwarted again

So anyway my plans for working in the garden on Thursday morning were shelved for an hour or so because I had an electrical job to do some fifteen miles away. Although the work itself was simple I spent a little more time there after it was completed so I could chat to the old lady of the house. It isn’t the first time I have been there and each time I go she asks if I have resumed attending a church fellowship since I told her a few years ago that I ceased going to a church in 1998. It is a long story. I have no immediate plans to get into another fellowship but it never stops her asking me to go to one of her small fellowship’s meetings. The problem is that her little church is more than sixteen miles away for both myself and for her. She might not mind all that travelling but I don’t see the reason for it as there are plenty of good fellowships I could attend much nearer to home. I suspect she is trying to persuade me to take along my guitar for they have no-one there to play an instrument to accompany them in their singing. She said as much the last time we met. Anyhow I did her job and returned home. It was nearer to lunch than I had expected so I decided to sit it out, have lunch and then perhaps resume clearing out the flowerbed but I got a call from the old lady who told me her stair lift (chair) wasn’t working and could I come and check it out.

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I thought perhaps she thought I had caused the problem but she informed me otherwise. The only power I had switched off was for the lighting circuit and not the power circuit to which the stair lift was connected. I agreed to go and went there immediately. On my arrival I discovered that the power supply to the lift was perfectly alright, in fact supply was at the chair motor itself! The problem was mechanical and required the chair to be moved manually by inserting a handle to wind it to its starting position. Evidently it had somehow moved out of synchronisation with the electrical controls. I was under the impression that this had happened a couple of times in the past and rather than wait a day or so for the maintenance company to get around to fixing it she asked me instead. She was about to pay me my minimum fee and I told her I wasn’t going to levy a charge. She insisted however though I took only twenty pounds which seemed to satisfy her. By the time I had returned home and ate my lunch it was fast approaching four o’clock. E had gone to do the weekly shopping and would be back home around four-thirty! Not much chance to start any work so I gave up on the whole idea and rested instead.

Shirley Anne