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A Pain That I'm Used To
A Pain That I’m Used To (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing seems to be going the way I would like it lately. My little projects have been held back because of one thing or another. Rain has prevented E and I from working any further on the flowerbed for the time being. I did some more work in the top room on Friday morning, sanding down the worktops, applying a second coat to part of them as well as painting the window frame. I could go no further that day as I became unable to move about freely. I had a severe pain at the very top of my left leg which at first I thought was muscular but it turned out to be caused by a trapped nerve. If I sat down it became very painful attempting to stand erect and once erect walking even the smallest distance was arduous. A walking stick helped but the pain was ceaseless. The following morning showed no change so I decided to rest for as long as possible instead of attempting any work. I could only have worked indoors anyway as it was a day of sporadic rainfall. During the day I discovered that if I held my head back whilst getting up from a seated position the pain eased and made the attempt much easier. I thought to myself, ‘What if I did some neck exercises, would that solve the problem?’ During the last few years I have experienced pains in my arms, legs and in my back which were all due to having a trapped nerve in my neck. I found out by myself that neck exercises eased the pain and cured the problems. Could they help this time too? They did. It seems odd to me that a trapped nerve in the neck could cause so many problems around the rest of my body but it is a fact. I have to say I didn’t recognise the association as quickly as I should have on this occasion and could have felt relief sooner. The rest does me good though otherwise I might wear myself out. So over the weekend nothing got done and on Monday I would be doing some electrical work making progress on my little projects almost impossible unless E gets some free time to help. Actually it is she who does most of the gloss painting anyway but she has been busy with other things. There is no hurry as long as something gets done and the job doesn’t stop completely. I don’t wish to have too many things going on at once and that is why I am holding back from changing radiator valves and doing some minor alterations on the heating pipes. There is still plenty of time for that work to be done before the end of the warmer months.

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