English: Emphasising choice in decision making...
Emphasising choice in decision making as a tool for achievement and empowerment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day we make decisions even if we think we don’t. As we grow up we may try to do our own thing and ignore the advice or the direction of others when often that advice is necessary. If we live in a society, and we all do, there are basic rules which everyone must adhere to else pay the penalty if we ignore them. It is all about keeping things under control for if we all did what we wanted that wasn’t in keeping with the society in which we live that society wouldn’t be stable. This is why there is a necessity to have a police force to keep the peace and maintain order and why we have prisons to house those who think their ways are best. In life therefore we make choices whether to conform or to rebel but we know the consequences for each route we take. Most of us just want a simple life and to be able to live in peace and pursue our happiness. Some however think that the world owes them a living and will take what they want without working for it. At a more mundane level people make decisions without realizing it, routine habits become automatic. In my own life I am happy to say that I am in a position to do anything I wish with my time but only if I make the time available. For instance if I decide to continue to work and not retire instead I have to make myself available in case I am called upon and that limits my choices. It means I cannot commit to other interests or pursuits. This is why I have to spend my free time doing household projects. It isn’t that I don’t like doing these things but my choices to do anything else have to remain on the shelf. It is all down to the choices I make in my life, the routes I take or don’t take as the case may be. The danger is that I can be forced into a situation in the future where I cannot make the choices I might want to because it will be too late to change direction. Of course it all depends upon what we want out of life which decides the routes we take. It is of no use regretting our decisions later in life. We need to be aware of possible outcomes and be prepared to meet them face on. Take the routes you wish in life but be prepared to alter course now and then.

Shirley Anne