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UEFA European Football Championship appearances by country. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the benefit of my American readers (and anyone else who doesn’t know) I mean the game which you actually play with your feet and not the version you play with your hands. Come on, how can a game played with the hands be called football? I am referring to the game you know as soccer. At the moment UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) are holding the European Championship games, this time being held in France, for those countries which have qualified for the tournament by getting through the preliminary knock-out matches. For anyone liking the ‘beautiful game’ as it has become known, these current couple of weeks must be proving very enjoyable for the genuine supporters of the game. I myself like to watch a good football match and so far there have been many of them with more to come. I have been able to watch three matches on each of the days that I have had the good fortune to be at home in the afternoons and evenings. Many European countries have qualified to take part and it is interesting to see the differences in their approach to the game. Some teams seem to be more aggressive in their style of play than others and some teams seem to waste golden opportunities more than others. There are some aspects of the game which I dislike, too much foul play and constant back-passing of the ball are two but generally most of the games are good to watch, if you like football that is! Not everyone does. I am wondering which country will win the competition and I should favour my own country, England, but I have my doubts as to their capability to do so. Perhaps they will prove me wrong. I would like to think so anyway. Time will tell. There are still many games left to play and I might get to see most of them. Perhaps I will just make the time….

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