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English: Holy Mower, Shipley This is just one ...
Holy Mower, Shipley This is just one of the sheep keeping down the grass in the graveyard at the Church of St Mary the Virgin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a good couple of weeks with mostly dry and sunny weather this past week saw the return of the rain. I don’t mind having the rain occasionally, it is necessary but it does prevent carrying out certain jobs in the garden. It is also impossible to do any outdoor repairs too. At this time of year it is a constant battle keeping weeds down for they grow at such a fast rate and before you know it they get the upper hand if you are not on the ball. The grass also grows quickly during the warm months often needing mowing every week if conditions are right. It was only a short while ago I had mowed the lawn but by Thursday it was beginning to look a bit dishevelled, it needed cutting once again. Thursday was a day of intermittent rain but late in the afternoon it became bright and sunny. If I played my cards right I could get the lawn mowed as it now only takes me around twenty minutes. It once took me an hour and a half as I used a small electric mower but since getting the petrol-driven mower serviced and cleaned up a couple of years ago it has cut the time down dramatically. My main concern was that the grass may have been too wet to cut but it wasn’t. The petrol mower would cope with the grass being a little wet but if it is too wet it clogs things up. I made the effort and had the job done in no time. Maybe having a sheep would solve the rain problem though I fancy it wouldn’t just eat the grass! I had only returned indoors ten minutes or so when the heavens opened up again and we had a heavy downpour of rain. Just in time! Earlier in the day I had plans to do more filtering of the soil in the front flowerbed but I got a call to do an electrical job some miles away. By the time I had returned home it was approaching lunch time and in the afternoon I wanted to watch England playing Wales in the current UEFA European football competitions. I managed to do that and I had the spare time afterward to mow the lawn too. When E returned home with the weekly shopping it was still raining so I got a little wet helping her bring it indoors, Soon afterward the rain stopped! One of those days.

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