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I had another day free to myself on Friday and though I had three requests for my electrical services I rejected two of them. The third will get done sometime next week. That meant I could work in the garden. The conditions were ideal, not too warm at 16 or 17 degC with some cloud cover and dry. Even at those temperatures and me wearing only a flimsy top I soon worked up a sweat! The best time to work in the front garden here is as early in the morning as possible when the sun is blocked by the house next door and the trees in their front garden. After ten-thirty if it is sunny the sun begins to appear over the flowerbed currently being worked in. The first picture shows the bed as it was before any work startedNo 2 Flowerbed 1

The second picture shows the initial work done last week and before, the work mainly involved removing the Hydrangea bush that was at the extreme left in the bed as seen above.

No 2 Flowerbed 3

The final picture shows the bed after my hard work on Friday. I spent two hours before lunch and three after. You can see I have moved the Azalea to the spot left vacant by the Hydrangea. I moved that strange bush with its branches sticking out all over the place (next to the variegated yellow/green shrub on the right in the picture above) to a spot near the Azalea. One tall Iris (we think it is an Iris) was left where it stood but the other which stood close to that strange shrub I moved next to the first. Before all that could be done I had to filter out more of the flowerbed soil which contained hundreds (literally) of bluebell bulbs as well as stones and weeds. I have never seen so many bluebell bulbs in such a small space! There will be more to filter out when I work the other half of the flowerbed.

No 4 Flowerbed 2

You can see a stake sticking up in the centre of the picture as well as the end of a length of plastic board which separates that part of the flowerbed that has yet to be worked in. I did some work in that part of the bed however, digging out the two shrubs we had there, cutting them up and disposing of them. We had thought about keeping the variegated shrub but it is of a type which spreads itself everywhere in the soil, something we are keen not to have. The second plant was another Fuchsia which wasn’t needed. The main Fuchsia will remain where it is at the extreme right of the flowerbed (just out of sight in the second two pictures) as seen in the first picture. There will be many weeds and bluebell bulbs in the remaining half of the bed so there’s still plenty of work to do yet. When the bed is ready to be populated with new plants only four of the original ones will still be there five if you count there being two Iris plants next to each other. I have been thinking what type of plants to purchase and have in mind Lavender and Cabbage Palm at the moment but obviously there will be others. I believe Lavender is a plant which discourages weeds growing near it. Now that is a bonus but it can get out of hand if left to grow too large even so it smells nice and gives good cover where it is needed. As I write this on Friday evening I am not sure when next I will have the time to continue with the work but I suspect it will be Saturday!

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