Sit down job

Another bright and sunny day on Saturday enabled me to get outside again to work in the flowerbed. It is taking a long time to filter the soil in the bed and every spadeful contained bluebell bulbs. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that there were hundreds of bluebell bulbs but it is more likely there have been thousands of them, probably two thousand or more. The filtering of the soil in the bed is still not finished as I write this. I am probably three-quarters done I think. Practically all of the work has to be done in a sitting position for my back’s sake. I sit on an old chair with three buckets to my left hand side and the sieve in front of me. I have to take a spadeful of soil from my right beyond the barrier I use to separate the completed section of the bed from the incompleted side and put it into the sieve then shake it. Each time I do this I find bluebell bulbs in the soil. The three buckets are for large stones, small stones and debris and the third is for plant debris, bulbs, roots and such. There has to be a system to make the work less difficult than it could be. I spent three hours in the morning and another three hours in the afternoon to reach this far…No 2 Flowerbed 5

Alongside the separating barrier in the unfiltered part of the bed (on the right) and next to the stone wall you can see concrete. The electric underground cable emerges from beneath a stone covering just beyond the bricks I have placed there temporarily after I mixed the concrete to cover and surround the exposed cable. It disappears beneath the stone wall and into the cellar of the house. I suspect that the previous owners of the house built that wall too close to the house thereby exposing a small section of the cable. Soil will just about cover the concrete but I will place a slab of natural stone in that position to disguise it. I will be placing slabs of stone in the bed in random positions as I did with the other flowerbed we worked on a few weeks ago. Incidentally there is another electric cable running parallel to this one and about a half metre to its left. That cable has been damaged and has been disconnected from the cables in the street. It can be seen inside the cellar cut off where it enters through the wall. I think the cable may have been damaged during those garden works all those years ago. Further work in the flowerbed will have to be done after Monday as rain is forecast for the next couple of days.

Shirley Anne