What a day!

I started the day on Monday with nothing to do. It was raining, not a lot but enough to keep me from working in the garden. I called back to house I had done the emergency repairs on Sunday for two reasons, to collect something I had left there and to check things were alright. I couldn’t phone ahead as I hadn’t asked for the phone number when the caller rang. She had marked her number as private. My mistake for I usually insist on a contact number in case I need to contact the caller. I took the chance but there was nobody at home and I left a note so they could call back. Looking through their window I could see some of the kitchen appliances were switched on as I could see the indicators lit. I could also see what I had left there sitting in the window sill! Oh well I would have to wait for their call, No sooner had I returned home when another call came in asking for my electrical services so I attended on that one and didn’t get back home until 1.30 just in time for lunch. After lunch I decided to work on filtering more soil in the front garden flowerbed for the weather had changed dramatically. It was now sunny and warm. I spent four hours and made a lot of progress. There remains less than a square metre of soil left to filter as I write this on Monday evening. It is hard-going filtering out soil but it is worth the effort. I am truly amazed at how many bluebell bulbs I have removed, there are now thousands of them in the green wheelie bin. As I write this I have no other work scheduled until Wednesday so I may be able to finish the bed on Tuesday. The weather forecast is good for the next few days too. What has E been doing whilst I have been working in the flowerbed or away from home? She has been painting the cabinet and drawers in the top room and has also finished the painting of the room itself! Cabinet

Cabinet drawersOnce I have finished the outdoor work I will fit the room’s door furniture and curtain rail. It will then be ready for a carpet to be laid once we buy it.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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