4 Hours

The smallest part of the flowerbed I have been working in has taken the longest time for its size to do. On Monday I almost finished filtering the soil but time was pressing on and I was tired so I left off doing the final section until later. I had hoped it would be Tuesday morning and my wish came true. There was about a square metre left to do that is almost a half of a cubic metre for I had to dig down a half metre as I had done with the whole of the flowerbed. It took four hours to complete the final section though part of that time was taken up topping up the bed with new soil. Last year around early October we had purchased a one ton bag of clean soil for filling the three flowerbeds I had newly constructed on the patio and quite a lot of it was left over. It had been stored near one of the gates in the front garden by the delivery driver as that was the only place it could go and remain out-of-the-way. Finally I was able to empty the remains (about six wheelbarrows full) to fill in the flowerbed. It is surprising just how much was removed in the way of weeds, stones, roots and bluebell bulbs especially! If I ever see another bluebell bulb it will be too soon. So now the bed looks like thisNo 2 Flowerbed 6 All we have to do now is populate it and it will take many plants to fill it. I plan to fill it with evergreen plants so the only plants which will die back in the winter will be the Fuchsia (at the far right in the picture) and what we think is Iris (centre). The Azalea is replanted on the extreme left and that other evergreen shrub was replanted next to it. Still haven’t found out its name but we’ll work on it. Naturally I took the rest of the day to myself. The following day I would be out doing electrical work.

Shirley Anne