And now…….

…..the end is near. One small job to do first thing in the morning on Wednesday and then I could return home. In fact I got back at 10.30 or thereabouts. I wanted to get out into the garden once more but without plants I could do nothing. I needed to drive to the garden centre and see what I could purchase. I decided to leave it until after lunch for I knew I would end up missing lunch if I didn’t. Just before lunch E told me that her mom had again been taken into hospital for observation and E and her brother who collected her, went off to see her. She is advanced in years and a little frail and has various ailments common to some elderly people. I prepared my lunch as it was now after noon and I had eaten breakfast early. Soon after lunch I part-emptied my van and drove to the garden centre. I browsed around looking for suitable plants, evergreens and plants that don’t grow to any great height, though I wanted some taller ones to fill in the rear of the bed. I bought some  plants of the same variety we had put in the other flowerbed a few weeks ago but the others I bought were different. We don’t want the two flowerbeds to be identical but only similar. I was away from home for an hour and on my return I set about putting the new plants in the bed. Here is the resultNo 2 Flowerbed 7

No 2 Flowerbed 8

I placed some large natural stone blocks here and there amongst the plants as I did in the other bed. I may put some more in later after or before we plant some flowering plants in the bed to fill it out, again as we did in the first bed. I think it looks better already but it should look even more so once finished. It is far better than what it looked like a week or so ago.

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