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And finally I have completed the second flowerbed work. I might decide on a couple of additions here and there, an extra stone or two and perhaps another small plant or two but maybe not. It is tempting to fill all the gaps but I have to bear in mind that some of the plants I have placed there will grow both in height and width. I arose very early on Thursday after not many hours sleep even though I had been very tired going to bed. The sleep was solid and I woke up very refreshed. As it happened Thursday was voting day here in the UK as we went to the polls to decide if we as a nation should remain in the European community or leave it. I was downstairs by 6.30 though I awoke at 5.00. I left off having breakfast and went to cast my vote at a little after 7.00 and ate it on my return. After breakfast I decided to take a walk down to the seashore and got back home around 10.30 . The seashore has changed dramatically over the 28 years I have lived here. The sand dunes have encroached upon the shore so that the sea no longer reaches where it once did at that point. I remember seeing small patches of Marram grass on the beach which used to be removed by our local authority but years ago they put an end to doing that. Consequently the grass grew and grew and the little mounds became large ones until now we have new sand dunes reaching about a hundred metres further out. Anyway it was still a pleasant walk in the bright sunshine. When I got back home I found E lying on the patio furniture soaking up the sun. I didn’t disturb her. I drove to the garden centre to purchase some more plants for the flowerbed. The centre was surprisingly empty of customers but that made my visit easier and quicker. Soon I was back home yet again and E was still on the patio. I went to the large greenhouse to collect some things and there was a blue tit in there. The poor little thing must have gotten in there the previous day through the roof vents when they would have been open (they open automatically as it gets too hot inside). He couldn’t find a way out. I left the sliding door fully open and let him come out when he was ready. Meanwhile I went into the front garden and set about bedding in the new plants until it now looks like this…No 2 Flowerbed 10

No 2 Flowerbed 9By the time I had finished it was time for lunch! I’ll let you name the numbers of varieties of plants in there but it is more than ten.

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