Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985
Windows 1.0, the first version, released in 1985 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I write about windows it has usually been about the Microsoft platform, either Windows 7 on this machine or Windows 10 on my other machine. As it happens I hardly ever use the Windows 10 machine because I do not like that platform. It is beset with problems not least of all the way it handles files and stores them making it practically impossible to locate them afterward. Another reason I don’t like it is because of the immovable applications that come with it. I want to delete many (nearly all) of them but they won’t allow it. It is the same attitude that the manufacturers and suppliers of mobile phones seem to have too. Some applications can be useful but it is surely up to the user if they want them or not. That is another story. I have no such issues with Windows 7. Anyway enough about those windows, I wanted to write about another. We have been experiencing changeable weather this week which means lots of rain and little sunshine. This has prevented me doing any work in the garden unless I want to get wet. I hadn’t any electrical work to do on Wednesday and was pretty much confined to staying indoors though I did walk to the village in the rain to do some shopping in the morning. In the afternoon the weather suddenly changed to bright sunshine but I knew it wouldn’t last very long. Would the window allow me enough time to do a couple of gardening tasks I thought? One of the two flowerbeds we have redesigned, the first of the two, needed some weeding after only a couple of weeks since it was done. Weeds grow fast I have noticed. It is virtually impossible never to get weeds unless wood chippings cover the exposed soil but it is something I am seriously considering. Before I could do that I noticed that some of the branches on the taller trees in the flowerbed (?) to the side on the approach to one of the garages needed cutting back else E’s car would suffer damage as she used the driveway. That took me about fifteen minutes and I noticed the clouds were beginning to appear on the horizon again. The window of opportunity would soon pass if I didn’t put a move on. I had just finished the weeding when it again became overcast though it didn’t actually rain. I suppose I could have stayed outside longer to look for anything else to do but I didn’t bother. Not long after I had returned inside I received two requests for my electrical services. They would keep me occupied the following morning. I don’t need open windows to do my electrical work unless the weather is unbearably warm of course!

Shirley Anne