So different

English: Northern Qi Scholars Collating Classi...
Northern Qi Scholars Collating Classic Texts. 中文: 北齐校书图 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apart from the exercise I had on Tuesday I did nothing else. That exercise was in the form of two short walks, one before lunch being a trip to the bank and the other after lunch just for the walk itself. With no electrical work to do and nothing I wanted to do at home I struggled to fill my day. Wednesday was even worse, I didn’t even go for a walk. My only outing was a quick trip in my van to the Post Office and then on to the local supermarket filling station to fill up with diesel. I find I only fill up my van once a month or even less and even then the top-up isn’t usually more than half a tankful. In the morning and after many weeks collating all the information to fill out my tax return I finally got around to filling the form. The trip to the Post Office was to buy a stamp and send it off. It isn’t the form-filling I dislike, more the collating of all the information, though much of that is kept in one place. I guess I am not much into paperwork! It was only a matter of a week or two ago that I was so busy doing all sorts of things, but I like it that way, I would much rather have too much to do than nothing at all. Wednesday was a do nothing type of day only welcomed as a respite. The problem was I had nothing from which I needed a respite! I know full well that things won’t remain this way and I often wonder how people who are out of work cope with the boredom. As I write this on Wednesday afternoon I am hoping to have something to do tomorrow or I might have to start working on changing the radiator valves which I keep putting off. No doubt if I start the work offers from elsewhere will start pouring in but if that happens it won’t matter, I can manage the pressure. Once the radiator system is drained-down, which doesn’t take long, changing the valves can be done more or less at leisure. Don’t be surprised then to read that I have started that work for I can’t bear the boredom!

Shirley Anne