Fresh in my mind

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm ...
A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot remember if I have been dreaming much these past few months for when I awake I cannot recollect any. That might be due to the fact that my sleep has been so deep it has been leaving me fully refreshed in the mornings. That it appears isn’t always the case for I woke up on Sunday morning after a very good night’s sleep and remembering vividly a dream I’d had.
I remember that in this dream I was on a plane heading for New York and travelling alone. On reaching customs I was thankful that they requested, as they normally do, the removal of my shoes for my feet needed a rest from wearing such high heels. However I soon had them on again and on my way into town. Somewhere along the way I decided I needed a coffee so I ended up in what I thought was a cafeteria but it seemed more like a hall you might find in a school or college with a counter at one end. Waves of people were coming and going to the counter. Cup of coffeeIt was my turn to be served and I ordered a latté whilst fumbling for my purse. Having found my purse I realised I had only English bank notes and no dollars. The woman serving me was patient as I explained my predicament. Then I thought I would use a debit card instead and buy something to eat to justify its use. Alas I couldn’t find the card or any card apart from a few business cards I had in the bag. I seemed to be struggling throughout the rest of the dream and getting pushed and jostled by other customers who cared not that I had a problem. In the end I thought the woman might have given me the coffee as a kind gesture seeing I was struggling to find a way to pay her but she didn’t. I cannot remember if I was still in the establishment when I realised where my card was, in fact where all of my cards had been, in the metal enclosure in the rear zipped compartment of my bag safe from pick-pockets and scanning devices. Did I get my drink? I will never know for at that point I woke up.

Have I got shoes like the pair shown? Well, yes, five pairs actually. LOL

Shirley Anne