Back to it……….

……at least for one day! Who knows, I might get more? My last electrical work was on the first day of the month but on Monday I had another. Because most of my electrical work is small jobs the work comes and goes. Long gone are the large contracts which can run for days, even weeks or months, my current (sorry about the pun) work is usually done within a few hours or less. It suits me for I don’t wish to or even need to work for long periods to earn vast amounts of money. It is especially harder to find work or have people ask for my services at this time of year because many people are more concerned with vacations and spending their cash on that. In other words my line of work can be very much seasonal. I may get weeks where I have that much to do there is little time left for anything else and then get weeks, like the last one, where I get no offers at all. It all evens out financially. If I didn’t make a reasonable and worthwhile profit I wouldn’t be doing it.

Royalty-Free Stock Photography by Rubberball
Royalty-Free Stock Photography by Rubberball

Anyway I went to do a job in a house in the next township for an older couple and it was such a pleasure working for them I didn’t much wish to leave. They were well pleased with my work and paid me a little more than I’d asked, which isn’t often the case but sometimes is. They want me to return at a later date to do more work for them. I spent four hours there, just about right for one day I thought. I discovered that the guy had worked as an electrician’s mate (requiring no formal qualifications) before his retirement eight years ago but that he had to stop working because he had developed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. He explained that this was the reason he had to call someone else to do the work. He told me that he had really enjoyed his job before he had to give it up, a little like me in that respect I suppose. It was nice to get back to it even after a short time away.

Shirley Anne