I gave up!

Not entirely but I did give up. No electrical work again on Thursday but I was at home and waiting for a call from the fridge engineer or the company he is working for (Hotpoint). Around lunchtime I got the call from the organisation to tell me that the engineer would not be available to do the work on our faulty fridge/freezer on Friday as arranged but would be able to do the work on Saturday instead. No matter, I agreed though it did mean another day without that extra cooling space. It might seem a bit ridiculous for two people needing two fridge/freezers in and around the kitchen but they do get filled and the fridge contents are used each week. The contents of the freezers get used less often but each day something is taken from them and used. Our bulk storage is down in a room in the cellar inside the three large chest freezers. It saves having to buy most of the ¬†frozen food we use each week. It was Thursday and E would be doing the weekly shopping with her mom and most of the food she buys in is fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and such. I decided to go out to purchase some materials I needed for my home projects and I wanted to surprise her so I didn’t tell her what I was going out for. First stop was to the flooring specialist to select and purchase a carpet and some underlay for the room at the top of the house we had been decorating a few weeks ago, now her craft and creation workshop. Second call was to a builder’s yard to buy some door furniture, a lock and handles then on to a retail store to purchase a towel radiator for the wet room. On the way back home I stopped off at a plumbers merchant to purchase some extra pipe fittings. When I finally got back home E had already left the house. CurvedRailI took the radiator (similar to the one shown above) and other purchases into the house and decided to fit the door lock which meant carting my tools, drill and bits and pieces to the top of the house. The door is old and has been worked on a few times in the past, in fact I had to do some repair work on it because of that history. After a while I had the lock in the door and the handles on. It then took some time to fit the parts in the door frame and all was finished but there was a catch, the door was too weak where I had fitted the lock and had split when I was trying to get everything to operate properly. Too much work had been done on the door in the past and the wood simply wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t worth attempting to mend it, it would be easier and better to call it a day and purchase a new door. I felt a little annoyed having struggled a little to finish the work. I’d simply had enough and gave up on the idea of buying a new door then having to start again from scratch, cutting it to length and width, fitting the hinges and the locks so I packed away my tools and called upon the services of a local joiner! The door will be replaced. I know at least the work will be done professionally even though I am quite capable of doing it myself having done fourteen other doors at home and others elsewhere in the past. As it is I have work to do on fitting the new radiator and other household projects so it will ease the burden getting someone in to do the door. The carpet was scheduled to be fitted today, Monday, so hopefully it will be done by this afternoon. I am not sure if the radiator will be finished as you read this but it may be.

Shirley Anne