On the move

As I write this on Friday afternoon I have had no more requests for my electrical services since Monday which has enabled me to get on with tasks at home. This week’s advert is not being published at my own request so that I can have a break. It may be however that I will get offers of work between now (Friday) and the middle of this week (Wednesday) when the weekly newspaper is distributed. The advertisement is printed in each Wednesday’s paper. Anyhow the way I am feeling just at the moment I think a break will be nice. Again as I write this on Friday I have not long completed the installation of a new towel radiator in the wet room downstairs…..(click on images to magnify)

Wet room towel radiator 1


Wet room towel radiator 2

I confess it may look as though little work has been done but much of the work was carried out in the little room in the cellar which is directly below the wet room. If my readers will remember that during this past week or so I drained down the heating system in order to fit new radiator valves in various rooms in the house and at the same time I altered a pipe supplying the towel rail/radiator in the main bathroom (fitting a valve to aid in venting off any air trapped in one section of pipe). I also was able to fit two gate valves in the pipework in the room beneath the wet room so that I wouldn’t need to drain the system again to install the above radiator. The radiator does have its own valves too and they are located at each side at the bottom just above floor level. The work took me four hours this morning (Friday) as I was working at a leisurely pace. During that time the joiner (carpenter) I had asked to supply and fit a new door to the top room called to see what was involved, (See yesterday’s post). He hopes to do the job early this week, probably today, Tuesday, if all goes well. In the meantime the fridge/freezer will hopefully have been repaired as the engineer was due to call on Saturday and the carpet should have been fitted yesterday too. I’ll let you know if everything was done in tomorrow’s post. After I had replaced the valves and refilled the heating system a few days ago the towel rail in the main bathroom didn’t get hot or even warm when I tested the system. When it was first installed we had the same problem and I put it down to air in the pipes. Eventually we got it working at that time and we’ve had no further problems since then until this drain down session which is why I installed the valve to vent any air manually in one particular section of pipe where it was likely to be. During the test I had most of the house radiators opened wide so I am thinking the bathroom radiator was being starved of pressure. Some time in the near future I will check it again as I should have plenty of time on my hands. At this very moment all I want to do is nothing!

Shirley Anne