I’ve got the bug

Another warm and sunny day on Wednesday though there was thunder and lightning early in the morning. We had a brief downfall of rain then hailstones then more rain but by ten o’clock it had all blown over. I sat outside on the bench I had put in the front of the house yesterday. Where the bench is sited it remains in the shade until around ten-thirty at this time of year and then remains in the light of the sun until early evening. It was nice to just sit in the cool of the shade for a while knowing it would get much warmer as the day wore on. Yesterday the temperature rose to 30 deg C in the rear garden in the shade but today, Wednesday it was to reach a maximum of 27 deg C. Clouds began to roll back in and half of the sky turned very dark as they covered the sun. I had spent a little time in the morning on Tuesday pulling out the montbretia stems and bulbs from the flowerbed adjacent to the patio (to the left in the first picture) while it was cool enough to do so. I decided I would continue cutting back and finally dig out the sprawling shrub through which they had been growing while the temperature was still quite low. It took a couple of hours to get it out and all its offshoots and chop them up so they could be placed in the green waste bin. The next job was to move slightly to its left the fan palm  I had planted in the same bed for it would have more room now that the shrub had gone. I had to be careful not to disturb it too much so what I did was to dig a space to one side of it then using the back of the spade dug into the soil on the opposite side and gently pushed it sideways. I only wanted to move it about ten centimetres. Flowerbed Project 2That done I began to dig out the soil and filter it until I had done enough to be able to lay a long slab of natural stone which will become a small path. I laid that in place. It will enable easier access to the rear of the bed  for maintenance later. It was time for lunch and after I had eaten I drove to the garden centre and purchased the three large plants I had in mind to put into the bed. I will purchase the smaller plants to populate the remaining spaces when the bulk of the work is done. I managed to place two of the large plants in the bed where I had already filtered the soil. They are the two against the wall on the left in the above picture, the other will be planted later and is shown in the lower picture. Click on pictures to magnify.Flowerbed ProjectI am undecided at this time whether to leave the fern but it will add some softness to the area if I keep it. We have a few ferns in the rear garden. I love them but unfortunately they are deciduous and die back for the winter. The fan palm is shown against the wall in the picture second from the right. The long slab of stone is unfortunately covered by filtered soil in the picture but it lies between the wall and the large stone slab nearest the centre in the foreground. By now it was four o’clock! My mobile phone rang and it was someone asking for my electrical services. I arranged to do the work on Thursday morning for I had to be back home at one. The joiner had informed me that the door he had ordered for our top room was now available and he would call at one o’clock to fit it. As E would be out shopping with her mom I had to become available instead. It meant I would probably go no further with the gardening work until Friday at the earliest. A day off might be just what I needed but it might mean that some of the electrical work would have to be done on Friday too. Even though my advert wasn’t published this Wednesday I still got some work!

Shirley Anne