Just about there

After a day or so’s rest from gardening, though I didn’t actually get a rest because I was doing other things, I was able to continue working in the flowerbed in the rear garden. First of all I had to get an electrical job doneĀ for someone then on my return home I had to shave away a small section of door frame to allow the newly fitted door at the top of the house to close without force. Although the door had been hung correctly by the joiner and because of the old frame having an ever so slight twist on the opposite side from the hinges at the bottom the door couldn’t sit squarely in the frame when shut and had to be pulled in a little for the catch to lock. All that was needed was a whisker of wood to be removed from the frame and all was fine. It was by now eleven o’clock so I put on a pair of overalls and some working boots and continued the work in the garden. Most of the work involved filtering the remaining soil that hadn’t yet been done and planting the plant I hadn’t the time to do last time.Flowerbed Project 3

Flowerbed Project 4

Smaller plants to fill in the gaps will be purchased soon but this is how it looked when I had finished for the day on Friday. I completed the work by twelve-thirty and had lunch. When I returned after lunch in order to take these photographs I could see ants busy crawling all over the place. Already they are planning where their next nest will be! I am determined to keeping their numbers down next year as I had neglected to do it this year after saying I would. I guess I have been too busy.This is what the flowerbed used to look like………

pics 984

…….and more recently…….extras 042

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them. Some plants like to take over the garden, the montbretia and that sprawling shrub it grew among. Thank goodness they are now history. For E and I our gardens have been a journey of discovery, knowing which are the best plants to have which don’t need constant pruning back. Over the years we have both put in many hours of hard work to get the gardens where they are now but there is always something else to do as anyone gardening will tell you.

Shirley Anne