And I was worried?

To be really honest I don’t worry about anything although I will be concerned if needs be. What am I talking about? My concern was that I would be bored stiff once I made the decision to retire from my electrical work but I now see that will not be the case. A few years ago my attitude toward gardening was far different from what it is now. Then I would say that I like gardens and the plants they contain but I wouldn’t like working in them save for things like mowing the lawn and raking up the Autumn leaves and only then because it was necessary. The only other option would be to live in the city without a garden. Since those days, and it wasn’t that long ago, my whole attitude to gardening has swung in the opposite direction, I actually enjoy it now! One of the main reasons for that is because E and I have two large gardens which need constant attention else they would become an unsightly eyesore. As I am doing less electrical work these days I end up with time on my hands and as I get bored easily I have to find something to do or go bonkers. Much of my time, especially in these latter years, has been spent on one domestic project or another which has kept me busy. There is always something that can be done in the house or even outside of it and the gardens too. I like to make improvements to my environment which I suppose wards off boredom. I have been doing a lot of work in both the front and rear gardens at home over the last couple of months when I have not been involved in my various domestic projects and that fact has cemented the enjoyment I now get working in them. I like the design element of gardening, planning what to do and seeing it all come about stage by stage. I get great satisfaction in seeing my efforts taking shape from the design I have in my mind. No matter what kind of work I am engaged in I see it completed already in my thoughts and I simply work to that end. Minor adjustments may be made as the work progresses but they are usually confined to detail rather than the overall plan. My latest gardening project has been to remove a couple of plants from the flowerbed adjacent to the patio which had begun to take over the plot. Apart from anything else they had become an eyesore and spoiled the appearance of the flowerbed. With a lot of hard work and determination I completed most of the transformation on Saturday. I had worked on the plot during the week and it was ready for planting so I made a couple of journeys to buy plants and bark chippings. Here is a picture taken on Sunday, the day after. It looks as though I will need to remove a little of the soil around the stone slab which runs to the rear wall as it has covered the stone in places after watering and early morning rain. I hope to spread bark to cover the exposed soil so some of the soil will have to be moved to enable that. Flowerbed Project 5I part-emptied my van of electrical gear and tools and my first trip was to a retail DIY store to purchase the bark, four large bags of it though I might need more later and while there I noticed there was an Oriental Lily plant in a pot which had five stems. That meant there were five bulbs, five plants and all for the price of one so I bought it together with the bark. My second trip was to the local garden centre to purchase the bulk of the plants but they were not all for the flowerbed, three were for planting in the ‘mound’ beneath the plum trees (see posts in June/July 2014) and two were to be planted in the gardens’ long flowerbed which faces the rear of the house. The remaining eight were for the flowerbed I had been working in to supplement the three large plants I had put there a couple of days prior. As for the now five Oriental Lily plants, three went into the mound and the other two went into the flowerbed away from where I had been working. There are still plenty of open spaces in the flowerbeds and the mound which need to be populated to fill them. Maybe that will be my next gardening project? I was a much nicer day for working outside on Saturday, overcast for much of the time but still 22 deg C.

Shirley Anne