All gone

Overnight on Tuesday to Wednesday it rained for the first time in days and I was thankful because it meant I didn’t have to water the gardens. Wednesday itself was a fine day, sunny with a breeze and fine to sit out in as long as it was out of that breeze. The temperature and humidity levels were just as I like them, 19 deg C and probably about 50 to 55% relative humidity, it felt that way anyhow. As one who had worked in air-conditioning as part of my duties for some years I think I ought to know. Wednesday was the day my advertisement was published again after a week’s break though that break made no difference to my receiving work! After breakfast but later in the morning I wandered into the rear garden to mull over things and ended up digging out a couple of plants in the two small raised flowerbeds on the patio that had started to get out of hand. When they were planted we did not realise that they were the sort of plants that did this. So they were pulled out. Patio grass 2After my lunch the weather improved even more and as I had nothing to do I decided I would get outdoors and enjoy it but this time I took along a pair of gardening gloves and the keys to the garage annex where the gardening tools are kept. Now although I love gooseberries, and this season there had been a reasonable harvest of them from the remaining seven plants we had kept back when a year ago we removed some of them, I had decided they take up too much space. They also like to spread themselves around just like strawberry plants do and before you know it there are new plants popping up. The berries themselves are awkward to pick without getting those barbs stabbing you either. Even if suitable gloves are worn they still manage to find the flesh somehow. I was going to remove the seven plants we had placed there a couple of years ago but when I did I discovered they had produced a few offspring. Despite how hazardous gooseberry plants can be they were surprisingly reasonably easy to remove. First of all I pruned the branches back and the using a fork and a spade lifted them from beneath. Some of the roots were long but they came out readily with little effort.Gooseberries gone I think however it might have been a different story had I left the plants there for another couple of years. I want to tidy up the area in which we once planted and grew vegetables but may do something else with it instead. I wished to do other work in the garden too in the coming days but the weather on Thursday would disallow that. In any case I had electrical work scheduled for that day so it would be Friday at the earliest that I could do that.

Shirley Anne