Planting mania

Three electrical jobs were to keep me busy on Thursday morning but on arrival at the second and having discussed the viability and necessity of their proposed work I left without doing a thing. The guy gave me a little something for my time though it was his wife who had called me without thinking whether the job could be done in the first place. I put questions to my would-be customers in order to avoid wasted journeys but this lady had convinced me the work would not present any problems. It turned out that the ‘house’ was in fact a holiday-style cabin with a low internal ceiling and prefabricated wiring. She had purchased a large ceiling fan/light combination that if fitted would slice the head off anyone who inadvertently walked beneath it! There was no existing wiring to accommodate its installation and the power supply was at the other end of the building with intervening rooms. She hadn’t a clue what was necessary to be done should it have been possible to fit the fan in the first place. She had also requested the installation of an extra power outlet far from a possible source to connect it to and wanted the wiring hidden in the walls. That in itself was impossible because of the way the walls were constructed, any new wiring would have to be surface-mounted. Her husband had told her a few times that what she desired wasn’t reasonable nor practical but she hadn’t listened. He appeared to feel justified after I had discussed the problems with them and she subsequently realised her mistake. Whilst there I received a call which turned out to be the third job. I didn’t get to return home until after two o’clock but I had stopped off somewhere for a meal. Soon after I had returned home E went out to do the shopping and I returned to the van and emptied out most of the contents before driving off again to the garden centre. I purchased fifteen middle-sized and fifteen small-sized plants. They were left standing in front of the mound until I could find the time to plant them.Plants 1The small plants will spread out a little and the larger ones will grow wider and higher once established. Most of them will be planted in the mound and some will be planted in the long flowerbed which faces the house, the end of which can be seen in the background on the right in the picture. That particular bed is filled with trees and large shrubs and I hope to keep it that way but first I will have to dig out all the montbretia and bluebell bulbs and that will take a lot of time. I think I am not yet finished with purchasing plants, even for my current intentions working in the mound and the flowerbed next to the patio, and of course I haven’t decided what I want to do in the plot where the gooseberry bushes had been.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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