I’m getting good at this

It used to be that I arose very early in the morning to go to work but those days are long gone and I usually don’t get out of bed before seven o’clock for work these days. On Friday morning however I had to be at a job before eight which meant I had to arise before six just the once. I don’t mind having to do that occasionally. I was back home before ten and was paid a little more than I’d asked which made it worthwhile. A few weeks ago I did a lot of work in the two flowerbeds in the front garden but I don’t think I had put enough bark chippings down beneath the plants to cover the soil. Some weeds had begun to show and they needed pulling out and more bark added so I donned the necessary clothing and got out there to do the work. It was one o’clock before I returned indoors and with the work done I had my lunch. I had it in mind to start placing the plants I had bought in the mound and flowerbed in the rear garden for the weather was going to remain fine all day long. At two o’clock I got a call from an old guy who asked me to repair the light in his bathroom. I went along to see what the problem was and found I needed to buy some materials. I drove to the electrical store, returned with the goods and did the work. I was back home around three-thirty. E had gone out for a while so I set about placing the larger plants in position to see which was the best position for each of them. Having decided that I began to plant them one by one. Mound 1

Mound 2

Mound 3

Mound 4

I managed to do them all before five o’clock but left off planting out the fifteen small flowering shrubs to do them the next day instead. A girl can do too much in one day after all! The middle two pictures show the side and part of the rear and none of the small flowering shrubs were planted there. They look a little empty in places so I will have to think about the possibility of purchasing suitable plants to put there. The side, shown on the left in the last picture and on the right in the one before does get full sunshine so I might buy more of the type I planted around the front or something similar. The rear of the mound gets very little sunshine for most of the time so perhaps a couple of shade-loving plants will go there.Anyway I spent a little time on Friday afternoon relaxing on the patio in the late afternoon sun before returning indoors to prepare my evening meal, oh yes, and to hang up the washing  that I had put in the machine earlier onto the lines in the cellar.

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