Early to bed and early to rise

Yes, though I went to bed around ten I didn’t actually get to sleep until after one in the morning on Friday night. When I did nod off I slept through to six and was downstairs eating breakfast before seven. I had it in mind to finish bedding in the remainder of the plants I had begun planting the day before. I pretty much had them all done by eight o’clock before returning indoors. I got a phone call around eight-thirty from a regular customer asking if I could sort out an electrical problem for them. I wasn’t however to arrive there before ten-fifteen for they had an errand to run and wouldn’t be back home until then. The job was to trace a fault which repeatedly tripped the RCD (trip switch) cutting off all the power circuits. They informed me that if a particular wall radiator or the cooker were switched on they would lose the power circuits. I discovered that the cooker was indeed supplied through the RCD. These days it is customary to supply the cooker circuit directly through the main switch rather than indirectly through the RCD switch. 1447190129730Cookers, especially their hob units, often have small leakage currents until they heat up. This is due to the elements allowing the ingress of moisture when they cool down as their construction is very seldom perfectly air-tight. Under normal circumstances these leakage currents are minute but are still large enough to set off the RCD if connected through one. The answer is to move the cooker circuit-breaker to the main switch side of the panel or wire it through its own dedicated RCD unit but even then it would still be problematical at times. I moved the circuit over to be fed directly through the main switch but first I removed the oven and hob units to test them for insulation resistance measurements to ascertain the nature of the supposed fault. At first my meter showed a low reading but then having disconnected some of the wiring and subsequently reconnecting the reading rose to a more suitable level. I had ‘cured’ the fault though not knowing exactly what it was. I can only assume some of the wiring had been jammed against the earthed metalwork causing the low reading. When everything was put back and the circuit moved over all was well. I left the circuit switched on whilst I checked out the supposed fault on the wall radiator but found there was none! I was about to leave when the man of the house asked me to check why the lights in the cooker hood were not working. For those who perhaps don’t know, the cooker hood is an air extract unit used to extract cooking fumes. It is separate from the cooker and is not connected electrically to it. It just needed two new lamps but I gave him two extra lamps as spares too. I didn’t charge for the lamps for I have been trying to get rid of them. They are part of several older type lamps we had in stock at home after we switched many of our lights to LED versions a year or so ago. I arrived back home just in time for lunch and spent the rest of Saturday relaxing. One good thing about all the electrical jobs I get is that they cover the cost of all the gardening and other work I do at home. I even have money left over! Now that can’t be bad don’t you think?

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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