Nothing going on?

I went to bed rather tired on Saturday and though I cannot remember the exact time I nodded off it was probably about eleven o’clock but then I awoke just before two to answer Nature‘s call. I awoke again just before four for the same reason. I finally arose around eight. I don’t usually have sleep patterns like that, I usually sleep for four to five hours and that’s it, I get up. It was Sunday and I had nothing planned for the day. I’d had a busy week so it was fitting that Sunday was an absolute do nothing day for I knew that during the coming week I would be busy. There were already two electrical jobs scheduled and there was more work to do in the garden. Who said gardening was easy? It isn’t but it is pleasurable as I have discovered over the past couple of years. Sunday was a sunny day but there were plenty of clouds floating by too which blocked the sunlight from time to time. There was also an intermittent breeze which bordered on the annoying, especially when the sun was blotted out. I went out into the garden, that is the rear garden, I usually mean the rear garden when I say that as the front garden is not private and is also more exposed. I do spend some time in the front garden but it is seldom to relax there even though there is a bench to sit on. I sit on it only occasionally. I sat for a few minutes on the other bench in the rear garden before taking a stroll. Our little robin was flitting about on the lawn catching insects but no other birds paid me a visit though I could hear many of them off it the trees somewhere. Even an owl was still hooting and it was late morning! I eventually found myself sitting on the patio steps which are next to the flowerbed I have been working in lately. There is an off-cut of artificial grass on one of the steps acting I suppose as a mat. I lifted it to clear away what was beneath it before sitting down. Well what was beneath it? Wood lice, lots of them, a family to be precise for that is how they live, in small family communities from the largest to the tiniest. They all darted away as they do when disturbed and found somewhere else to hide. I knew they would be back the following day though. I sat down and watched Nature at work though at first one would think that nothing was going on there was plenty of activity. The first thing I noticed was the insect buzzing around my ear which soon disappeared when waved at. Then the hornets and hoverflies flitting about looking for a meal and the bees busy working away gathering pollen on the newly planted plants I had put there were more noticeable from my low seated position. I was admiring the plants themselves, trees, bushes, flowers and flowering shrubs all standing in the warm sunshine but I was also admiring my handiwork and what I had done recently as well as over the years too. My eyes turned to the ground and I could see ants at work and my eyes followed them as they climbed the nearest newly planted tree.
English: Lasius Niger (Black garden ant) on a ...
Lasius Niger (Black garden ant) on a plant. Getting ants to sit still long enough to make a good picture is a challenge if you don’t use bait. Here, I’ve placed a droplet of honey on the stem. That kept this worker female busy for several minutes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What were they after? Then I saw the small flowers among the trees foliage and the ants were there feeding and probably collecting for their colony. The problem with ants is that they are destructive and their populations grow to enormous proportions and they become a pest. I cannot remember the last time I was able to sit on the grass without being overrun by ants. So there are insects which are tolerable and insects which are the complete opposite! Whichever way I look at it there is always some going on, especially in the garden.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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