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I have been waiting for an opportunity to get into the garden again, that is the rear garden, to do more work but two things have stood in the way this past week. Firstly the weather turned unsettled with intermittent rain and windy conditions. Although that was enough to keep me indoors I hadn’t the time anyway because of a busy work schedule. For some reason my electrical services have been in great demand this past week keeping me away from everything else I might want to do. Each day I’ve had electrical work to do, some days three jobs and some two and none of them were difficult, in fact much of the work was ridiculously easy. Is it any wonder then that I continue to work? There were some spare hours during the week but they were dedicated to housekeeping and the things one does inside the house. While the offers to work are coming in I would be foolish to reject them though a few have been rejected becauseĀ  too much was being asked of me. A couple of ladies told me they were envious that I could pick and choose what I do but I told them I think I’ve earned that privilege having been at work for 54 years! So it has been a busy week but it has been profitable and worth the time spent. There will be plenty of opportunities to get back into the garden if all goes well. The plants I’ve put in over the last few weeks are all doing well but more need to be planted elsewhere in the garden and I’ve yet to decide what I want to do in the plot behind the garage from where I removed the gooseberry bushes. One idea is to have a compost heap there. We used to have one in the area but somehow it was done away with when we stripped out the various shrubs and trees that were growing there some years ago.

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We do have a compost bin, that is a large plastic container into which we can tip in grass cuttings and other degradable items just like the ones above . It stands at the rear of the other garage but perhaps it could be moved to the plot instead. There are numerous old house bricks only suitable for use as hardcore which sit near to the other garage too together with many large natural stone pieces still remaining after they were dug out of the mound in 2014. They could all be moved to the plot and out of sight until somebody decides they have a use for them. If I do that I will erect a wooden fence to hide it all and make the area more presentable. If we have to keep these things they are best kept out-of-the-way and the plot is an ideal place for that. Everything takes time but at present most of it is getting used elsewhere.

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