Fire in Babylon
Fire in Babylon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted an article on May 14 regarding the then forthcoming European Union Referendum the following month June 23. It was written by David Hathaway an evangelist as a warning against voting to remain within the Union and his article, published in his quarterly magazine ‘Prophetic Vision’ also available on-line, I re-blogged on here for anyone wishing to see it. The result of that referendum is now history but the final act of severing the umbilical cord between us (UK) and the European Union has posed many problems. We were so intertwined it will be difficult to unravel the mess. I believe as David does that the European Union is an evil union and we will be well off out of it. Certainly there will be difficulties to overcome but they are not insurmountable. As David says, the Union is Babylon. To explain this I am posting the link to David’s on-line magazine which puts it more clearly. Flick through to pages 6 and 7 to read the article

I hope reading this has opened your eyes and your heart to what is going on around you. It is important that you realise your destiny lies in your own hands. Everlasting life through Jesus Christ or everlasting condemnation without him? The choice is yours alone. What will happen in Europe will happen but you do not have to be a part of it and it isn’t only Europe, God is God over ALL the Earth, Jesus can save you wherever and whoever you are! May the Lord’s will be done.

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